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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I guess it's fine?

My home was away by a modest trot,
Lazy me...wanted to reach there by Public Transport.

Then I saw a poor girl so weak yet so eager,
This was her regular look…which people like me only get via fever.

I thought,
“So, here’s the representative of my country’s poverty,
I should use my change (for Public Transport) in this ‘charity.’”

How great it feels after any kind of helping,
And then who minds to go home walking.

Next day I saw her on the same location,
And the legendary me got virtual suffocation.

My change was not enough to change her life’s one day,
And there are more than 250 millions like her in my country from Himalayas to Bays.

Then, I decided not to give anything to beggars,
She came to me and ‘demanded’....
This time I refused to give change to her,
Instead I took a pledge to work hard and make it big in my life...reach a huge level,
Not for myself...
So, that my decisions can change lives of many unfortunate people out there,
.....Like her.
In a bright and positive manner.

A thing inside me said,
“You are just a unit, How can you change the system?”
I replied, “I will change it or die trying.”
I guess it’s fine?

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