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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

India = (USA + Africa)/2

India, fully equipped with the features of both advanced and backward countries in every sphere of life from Standard of living to Sanitation.

One moment you encounter fully maintained posh colonies, Malls, Industries, etc and within few yards there are slums, "mountains" of garbage, etc. Development is scattered and not properly distributed.

India is not great but still not that bad. With development, growth and commercialization increasing at remarkable pace lets hope that India will be a developed nation in couple of decades.

Examples of This mixture,

#) - India is neither capitalist economy nor socialist economy, it's a mixed economy.

#) - Not a developed country...not a underdeveloped's a Developing country.

#) - The Human Development Index rates India in 'Medium' countries. Recently, ranked 128 out of about 200 countries.

#) - Even the general complexion of Indians is, (White + Black)/2.

#) - The policies, International Trade, GDP, National Income, Per Capita Income, Sports, Growth Rate.....everything is average...medium.