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Monday, August 9, 2010

'Jehadi' Terrorist Interview


"What is your name?"
"Al-Pussa but my friends call me Al-Cunta."

"What are your aims?"
"To preserve environment and save energy."

"…Ahem! How?"
"By protecting oil reserves and resources from east…err… western countries…where is my left hand…this pose is right, challenging the western countries (and some European, Asian, African, Australian, countries and their research camps in Antarctica also) on my left hand side….err…right hand side."

"Sir, Photo Session is after the Interview. Why don’t you discuss and negotiate straight to ‘those’ governments?"
"Because we are not ‘Straight’."

"So, you all are happy and gay?"
"Of course, Al-yes."

"Your English is impressive….It is not your mother tongue….you learned English…from where?"
"English Movies."

"Your favourite English movie?"
"What’s in the name…they all are the same."

"Okay, your favourite dialogue?"
"O Yes…aaha..aaaaaaa…O yes…O my Gooo….aaaaaaaa fcuk me…ya ya ya."

"Hmmm, That’s good. So, what are...."
"By the way, one correction in the previous reply…It’s fuck not fcuk…the company may sue our organization. Edit this portion."

"Your favourite countries?"
"Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea, Iraq, Pakistan, and all the regions all over the world under Parallel Governments."

"Any part time job or hobby?"
"Preparation of scripts and giving ideas for the videos and material published of all the ‘Jehadi Organizations’ of this region. We have a big creative panel. I sometimes also manage set designing and kidnapping of people with different origins for the videos and photos."

"Your Country is Underdeveloped. You should participate in it’s development. Why are you…."
"Al-Shut up! Your country is over conscious about external affairs…people of your country are involved in many unethical practices...."

"Wow! You are so intelligent….who told you all this?"
"He he..Thanks…actually this was a part of "Budding Brigade Brainwash Program" to shut up the clever people we kidnap. I can speak a lot more on this..."

"Thank you for the Interview, Bye"
"Al-Bye-Bye...Wait a minute...what about the Photo Session?"

The End.

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