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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Table Hockey (School Version)

Table Hockey {Also Known As Bench Hockey} (School Version) 

One of the few Underground Extra Curricular Activities allowed in RLB, School Invention, Indoor Game.

Mini version of Field Hockey to cure the boredom in School. Invention, Research & Development by Dr. Mohit Sharma (Trendster), Yes I know credits should be posted after the writeup. 

Hockey Stick = Pen/Pencil,

Goal Post = Pencil Box,

Ball = Eraser/Sharpener,

Duration : Depends on Recess, Free Period(s) or time you get in between the classes.

Number of Player : 2 to 6 (Max. 6 is our record Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Senior Secondary School, Vikas Nagar, Lucknow...but you can have more players if you borrow a bench from local zoo's main attraction....Hippo).

*) - 2 Pencil Boxes are placed on the edges of bench in horizontal position. Ball hitting anywhere on the box is goal.

*) - You can dribble or hit the ball from anywhere on the bench but goal is only valid when the shot is taken after the "centre line" (marked by permanent marker) dividing bench in 2 equal halves.

*) - You can only tackle with Hockey sticks. No hand to ball contact, (...this sounds double meaning or Am I over-conscious? What...Both?) If a players hand touches the ball while tackling, hitting, dribbling then the play is stopped, ball is placed at the point of impact (where Hand Penalty Occurred) on the bench. Both players get chance to possess the ball after the count of's luck whoever hits first after the count.

*) - If ball goes out of play (bench) [For example : You unintentionally hit a shot right towards your crush's seat...she ignores it & manages her pony as usual...huh! or sharpener imitates bullet & fixes itself to some untraceable location. Next day, you see it in a Pencil Box of a class fellow but have no courage to ask him/her about that sharpener.] Then the person who made last impact on the ball loses the possession of ball & another player gets chance to hit or dribble the ball from the point (side of bench) where ball left the bench or flied/dropped from the bench..worst part is the dust, even moisture (sometimes dirty) the ball gathers within the few seconds.....from when it left the play to when it is recovered from varied locations with a common backdrop of shoes-legs-dust & paper balls.

*) - You can only drag your Hockey Stick but can never "fly", "jump" (using your hand) to get advantage.

*) - If number of goals scored by teams are equal & time is less...[For Example : A teacher unexpectedly takes an extra class in a free period...I mean come on! man you are getting less than 500 Rupees per, why are you working so hard? Or is this your frustration on school management...but we are students..jeez...] Then provision of 5 penalty strokes taken by each team from the "Quarter Line" (1/4 of the Bench length) marked not as dark as "Centre Line" as it is not used that much. 

Author notes :

*) - Facebook Page of Table/Bench Hockey -

*) - Hockey -

Hockey is a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent's goal using a hockey stick. Different forms of hockey are Air Hockey, Underwater Hockey, Box Hockey, etc. More info.....

*) - Last played this Game 5 Years ago.

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  1. hu hu hu.....sahi game hai yar ye to....
    save kar liya hai notepad me....
    ab hum isey college ke lambeu benches me khelnege....:))

    Nice R&D hehehe :P