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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Country Needs Me Better (Poem)

Near the streets of dirty, dingy hovels,
Lay the street lights teasing the afternoon sun,
Next to the hungry mewling kids with empty bowels,
The stalls promoting the food chain program make my fun.

 A child with his work at a shop as his only task,
Teases my helplessness and my privileges, 
The ringtone of the city lad’s cell phone shouts to ask
Why my letters cannot reach far the flung villages?

 A toll of forced laborers sinks everyday,
But only a few rich celebrities matter,
Looking at all that happens here each day,
I feel that my country needs me better!


Poem "Desh Maange Mujhe" by Mohit Sharma

Translated by: Srishti Mudaliar