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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Wailing Fair of Jalliyanwallah Bagh

Translation of my Hindi poem "भीगी बैसाखी" (on Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (Amritsar, 13 April 1919) by Srishti Mudaliar. *Giving me complex* Thank you! Srishti. :)

The Wailing Fair of Jalliyanwallah Bagh
By Mohit Sharma

Translated by: Srishti Mudaliar

Thy deep, dark, black abyss,
That devoured our mother’s kiss,
Selfish, wretch, appareled in red walls,
Jalliyanwallah, thy tyranny with weight upon us falls!!

The chaotic streets of the kids are now vacant,
Blackened the doorsteps the white skinned tyrant.

The patient, nimble, morning ears that heeded to thy voice,
In the evening were silenced and turned cold as ice.

For the freedom to be born their hopes waited for years and more,
To see it alive none succeeded to flee from thy captivity’s door.

A revolt so peaceful, the devil would melt,
The white queen let it honored with the cannon balls pelt.

Seas of the emotions could flood enough with the pain,
In vain were those heavy showers of trickles of rain.

The sleepless insomniac nights restless,
Long and long of nightmares endless.

Under the siege of the curfew the trampled crowd,
Vultures covered their fallen kins before the shroud.

Those waiting to reach the Baisakhi’s tavern,
To their destination would never reach and return.

The woman you jilted was our mother,
Her truth you concealed under thy tanned leather,
Wait for a while if you dare to bother, look how those holes the little hearts smother!!



  1. How do you write all this? Great|| man| Really.

  2. Oww!! thanx 4 d BIG credit..but the thought and emotion was all yours!!