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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FB Logs - Mohit Sharma Trendster


शायद उनकी माँगे हों सही...
लेकिन मेरी उम्र बारूद से मोल भाव कि नहीं...
कितना भी बरगला लो पर मुझे मालूम है... 
अब मुझे संभाले यह हाथ मेरी माँ के नहीं.. 
वो मलबे में जज़्ब है,
मुझे भी उसके बगल में दफना दो कहीं।


*) - Bank PO Banna tha...with Artist Surjeet Besra


*) - My friends from Madhya Pradesh...entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, researchers. Don't miss this life changing opportunity. Techcarnival, Indore - 12 January 2014

Event Website -


"Mohit before we collaborate on this 1 panel teaser...I want you to understand the difference between the molecular disturbance(s) of the character in your mind and the backdrops you usually chose in your kids comics, also I need you to prepare a detailed graph on the frequency mismatch in the Alien hand syndrome behaviour of Narendra Chanchal & Lakhbir Singh Lakha during their Navratr Jagrata I Postnatal reproductive health among the females residing in Babu Lal Marandi's would be helpful if you gather the statistics of people using word "Kulli" in place of "Kulla".....& I mailed you, (BCC to your Fufa ji & your Girl Friend) 97 videos & 420.5 Page report for the perfection we need...."
 — with Kshitij Dhyani.


*) - RC Cartoon with Frank Knot (Rahul)

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