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Monday, June 29, 2015

मोहित शर्मा (ज़हन) June 2015 #Updates

*) - Bageshwari June (Wrote 2 Articles), also judging "Laghu Katha Contest" for July 2015 issue.

*) - Randomiya continues....(snail's pace)

*) - Judging one of its kind  "Comics Theory (Research Anthology)" Contest with Mr. Anurag Kumar Singh.

*) - Another act by Ayush Jha on my concept, script - "Kingmaker Khameleon". 

*) - You can read my short stories, articles, reviews and random rants here (recently updated these 4 blogs) - 

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*) - Pending short comics (Deadly Deal, Desh Maange Mujhe, Parikrama etc) calligraphy begins.....