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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Over-Disputed Champions!

Saurav and Shazia (India) got wild card entry in Mixed Doubles category of Tennis Slaves Series. In international sports, the term (wild card) is perhaps best known in reference to big international sporting events such as Olympic Games or Wimbledon. Countries which fail to produce athletes able to meet performance requirements to compete are granted "wild cards", which enable them to send competitors tournaments even if those competitors' abilities are below the required standards. Though, there were few better ranked Tennis players in India but they were busy in other tournaments, injured (and some popular celebrity showing off their stardom by statements like we are focusing on Olympics...skipping 'small' tournaments).

This was second year of Egypt’s Tennis Slaves Series. There were 16 pairs in the Mixed Doubles Event. The only unique rule was the two players should be of same country which happens in big International events like Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, etc as nations also compete in composite Medal Tally of all the events. 3 Rounds before Final (First round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals). The Indian pair, scheduled to play Chadian players, was very excited and happy as their rankings were better than the Chadian duo and the players from Chad were unseeded.

Just before the games a bitter Civil War broke out in eastern Chad and all the International Flights were canceled. Indians progressed to Quarter Finals with a W.O. or Walkover win. They practiced for 2 days before their next match. Their opponents were Markal Bass and Cindy Pass from Nepal. But on the eve of match Cindy was disqualified by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for doping violations in the last round of 16 match. Saurav and Shazia got their second Walkover and they were in the semis. They were happy and "Only 2 Steps...." was the only thing in their mind. Russians won their first 2 matches and were scheduled to play Indians next.

Zafira Nova, Top-seeded International star was main attraction in women's singles of the same tournament. She got injured in her singles semi-final match. She retired from the match and from the Mixed Doubles Event. Indian pair was now in Final of Egypt’s Tennis Slaves Series.

Shazia - "Everyone is focusing on singles and all, no news of us 'making' it to the final?"

A reporter heard this line of Shazia when she was practicing with Saurav and quoted it in the next day's National Newspaper. Now, not "everyone" but many were talking about these two players. SMS and Internet Jokes circulated everywhere. "Register your names and you are a finalist! Hurry!"

Next, top-seeded Israeli pair. They were called Mixed Doubles Specialist with 29 titles to their credit. They were super professionals and favorites in the Sunday final.

Saturday evening, some Palestinian extremists kidnapped Israeli Players for their multiple demands. Authorities had no clue of the players on Sunday and reserve day, Monday.

Indians were declared the champions of Mixed Double Event of Egypt’s Tennis Slaves Series. The joke changed "Register and be a Champion plus a free foreign trip!"

The End!!!

Author notes -

*) - A walkover or W.O. is the awarding of a victory to a contestant because there are no other contestants, or because the other contestants have been disqualified or have forfeited.

*) - The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is an independent foundation created through a collective initiative led by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to promote, coordinate and monitor the fight against drugs in sport.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

जंगल का राजा (Jungle King)

My first kids comic. This issue is published by Raj Comics in Hindi and English. Available in paperback and Airtel Subscribers can read this comic on Airtel Live Portal.

How to access the service :

To activate, Sms 'Comic' to 54321 and downlaod the wap link on your GPRS enabled handset OR visit Airtel Live WAP portal at


Sunday, September 5, 2010


इच्छाओं का गला घोंटा,
उम्मीदों की चिता को सेंका.

आँसुओं को आने से पहले मन की भट्टी मे झोंका,
रिश्तो को मजबूरी का खंजर घोंपा.

मुन्ना की पढाई की बलि ली,
बाबू जी के आशीर्वाद की गर्दन रेंती.

पत्नी के दामन पर गोली मारी,
फरमाईशों का सर कुचला मारकर पत्थर भारी.

सबके सपनो की साँसें रोकी,
क्या अच्छी और क्या बुरी हर सोहबत छोड़ी.

कितनी आसानी से जिंदगी की हर चीज़ यहाँ है मिटती.
पर ये भूख.....मारे नहीं मरती!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Interview (2009) by Vishal Tripathi

Dated: 14 July 2009, Originally Posted - Raj Comics Forums, RC Website Community Section & Orkut Communities. 

Vishal Tripathi with Mohit Sharma (Trendster / Trendy Baba)


1) Perman - Aapka naam?
Trendster - Mohit Sharma.

2) Perman - Aapki age? kya hai?
Trendster - 20 Saal.

3) Perman - Aap kya kaam karte hai? Apne Lekhan k baare mey bhi batayen?
Trendster - Issi saal Graduation karne kay baad MBA Entrance Exams jaise CAT, MAT, XAT, FMS, etc ki prepration kar raha hun. Waise mai writer banna chahta hun. Kuch magazines, newspapers mey rachnayen, abhivyaktiyan publish huyi hai, School-College mey bhi plays, poetry likhi aur perform ki hai. Ab dekhte hai shayad aage kabhi financially free ho paaya to fulltime writing mey aa jaaunga.

4) Perman - Aapki family ke baare mein kuch jaankaari dijiye?
Trendster - Mere Father C.I.D. ki Crime Branch mey Inspector hai, meri mommy Homemaker hai, mujhse ek 8 saal bade bhaiya aur ek 7 saal badi didi hai....dono ki shaadi last year hui...bhaiya Bharti Airtel mey engineer aur zonal manager hai. 

5) Perman - Kya aapki family ne kabhi comics padhne pe apatti ki?
Trendster - Karte rehte hai....ab tak kar rahe hai...par mai kabhi maana nahi....waise mai unke saamne comics padhta bhi nahi. Ek baar jab mai 8-9 Class mey tha to mujhe chidha kar meri comic padhvane ki aadat chhudvane kay liye ghar waalo nay mera naam hi Parmanu rakh diya aur mujhe Parmanu keh kar bulane lage..unhe laga ki mai iss naam se mai chidhne lagunga par ulta mai bahut khush ho gaya aur half rate par Parmanu ki hi 5-10 comics aur le aaya ...Ab to Bhaiya aur Didi bhi nahi hai to...comics bina disturbance kay aaram se padhne ka.

6) Perman - Kya family mein aur koi comics padhta hai?
Trendster - Nahi. Haan, achchhi magazines ya books padhte hai sab log.

7) Perman - Aapne comics padhna kabse shuru kiya tha?
Trendster - 7 Saal ki age mey.

Perman - Aur wo lucky pehli comic?
Trendster - Actually, mujhe uss waqt ek bhaiya se 2 comics 'Nagraj' aur 'Aag' mili thi. Maine naam se impress hokar Nagraj pehli padhi thi.

9) Perman - Aapko kaun se comic characters pasand hai?
Trendster - Mujhe Parmanu, T.H.S., Anthony, Nagraj, Dhruva aur Gamraj pasand hai...

10) Perman - Aapke favourite artist aur story writer?
Trendster - Mujhe Bharat Negi ji as a writer bahut pasand hai. Artist mey Anupam ji, Manu ji (Edison George), Lalit Singh, achchhe lagte hai. 

11) Perman - Comics se realted koi interesting ghatna batayein? :P 
Trendster - Jab mai chhota tha to badi mushkil se toffees, etc khaane kay baad kuch paise bachte to wo bhi aaye din khelte waqt ball kho jaati thi to usme bhi dosto kay saath paise milane padte thay. Ek din mere paas 9 Rupaye thay. Mere dost nay bataya ki Rui ki Mandi mey comics half rate ki milti hai. Maine socha ki 6 ya 8 Rupaye waali 1-2 comics to half rate mey mil hi jaayengi. Mai wahan gaya par utrane par tempo waale nay 6 rupaye le liye...par mai to comics kay sapno mey khoya tha....mai book stall gaya aur wahan bahut chhantne kay baad 6 Rupaye waali ek comic half rate mey le li...par ab mere paas paise khatm ho gaye thay...maine socha chal kar ghar pahunch jaaunga par ghar bahut door tha par ab chalne kay alawa koi chara nahi tha...ghar pahunchne mey bahut dair ho gayi aur mai bahut thak gaya....waise to mai khaana khate hi so jaata par maine khaana khaane kay baad Yoddha ki wo poori comic padhi aur ek Yoddha ki tarah bed par comic kay saath hi so gaya. 

Perman-ahhaahahhahehehehheheh maza a gaya hehehehhehe :lol: 

12) Perman - Aapka forum se parichay kaise aur kab hua?
Trendster - Pehle to kabhi kisi project banvane kay chakkar mai hi Cyber Cafe 3-4 mahino mey jaata tha par har baar RC ki website zaroor visit karta tha. Graduation first year mey aise hi net par messenger id, orkut par id banane ka mann karne laga to Cyber Cafe aaya aur RC ki site par bhi gaya...Homepage par kuch stories aur blogs ek-do din aur visit kiya tabhi forum par bhi click kiya aur.....bas fir sab itna achchha laga ki regular ho gaya yahan. 

13) Perman - Forum aur comics ke alawa aapke aur kya shauk hai?
Trendster - Sports, G.K....Current Affairs, Stories/Plays likhna, Poetry.

14) Perman - Aapki favourite comics kaun si hai?
Trendster - Waise to list bahut lambi hai par overall mujhe Kohram ek complete comic lagti hai. 

15) Perman - Aapne apna username Trendster kyon rakha?
Trendster - Mai koi unique username soch raha tha jo sunne mey achchha bhi lage aur pehle kisi nay use bhi nahi kiya ho. Tab to aesa hi tha fir baad Jazzy B aur Rihanna nay iss word ko use kiya....ek samay RC par meri profile Google search mey "Trendster" word ki search mey top par thi....fir to kuch companies nay bhi ye naam use kiya par ab bhi Google search mey top individual Trendster to mai hi hun...Thank you....ahm!! :lol: 

16) Perman - Log aapko kai baar trendy baba bulate hai, 8) iska secret kya hai? :?: 
Trendster - Maine thodi masti kay liye "Forum Members in Real Harsh World" topic mey ye Trendy Baba naam kay character ko use kiya tha....Ye 2 links dekhiye. Maine inpar 4-5 Funny scenes likhe thay. Tabhi se baaki posters ko bina mehnat kay mera khud rakha-rakhaya naam mil gaya. 



17) Perman - Forum ki kaun si baat aapko sabse zyada attract karti hai?
Trendster - Yahan comics par baat karne aur share karne ko itna kuch hai....yahan bahut se talented members bhi hai jinki stories, artworks, discussions, dekhna mujhe achchha lagta hai.

18) Perman - Forum ki koi buri baat?
Trendster - Firstly, Active Members ki sankhya abhi bhi bahut kum hai. Forum par ki gayi mehnat kay hisaab se kisi ko recognition nahi milta. Jaise yahan to aesa socha jaata hai ki "Maine kahin se sune-sunaye jokes ya kisi website se funny pics daal di to log bas usse hi dekhe aur uspar comment kare...baaki kisi kay mehnat se banaye artworks, stories, articles, etc jaaye bhaad mey...." 

19) Perman - Agar aap forum mod ban jaayein 8) to kya badlaaw laana pasand karenge? :wink: 
Trendster - Members badhane par aur zyada dhyaan dunga aur members ko zyada se zyada healthy discussions mey part lene kay liye encourage karunga. Achchhe topics ko inactive nahi rehne dunga. Waise 2 baar kuch dino kay liye guest mod reh chuka hun tab to kuch similar topics ko merge kiya tha bina zyada halla machaye....aur do-char jagah suggestions diye thay members ko. Issi mey time nikal gaya. Forum manage karna kaafi aasaan kaam hai. 

20) Perman - Nayi released comics mein aapko kya pasand aur napasand hai? :roll: 
Trendster - Mujhe NWS aur Doga ki ek kay baad ek aa rahi series baaki sab se comparatively achchhi lag rahi hai. THS bhi theek chal rahi hai. Par Amar Prem aur Bankey Lal.....nay to mujhe bahut niraash kiya....raddi pe raddi comic aa rahi hai unki. 

21) Perman - Comics mein kya badlaaw dekhna chahenge? :!: :?: 
Trendster - RC ko eksaath limited creative team kay saath itney saare projects nahi karne chahiye. Doosri baat Readers ko chhote plots par based stories ko series mey padhna bilkul achchha nahi lagta isliye stories zabardasti naa kheenche. Baaki naye talents ko thoda aur badhava de....wo fans ko to ideas dene par badhava dete hai par jab koi iss line mey aana chahta hai to uske kaam kay prati unka nazariya badal jaata hai. Log aate hai chale jaate hai...RC ko kuch khud se aesa karna chahiye ki unki permanent creative team mey T.K. Wahi ji, Anupam ji, etc....kay alawa bhi log hon.... :wink: 

22) Perman - Interview dene ka thanks.... :D 
Trendster - Thanks tumhara...warna khud hi interview likh kar fake id bana kar post karna padta. Ab chalo machhliyan khaate hai.... :lol: 

Perman-are mood nahi hai machliyo ne case kar diya mujh par agar ek aur khai to jail me chakki pessing and pessing!!!!hehehehhe :lol: :lol: :lol: :)