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Thursday, July 29, 2010

...Because I am a Sidekick!

I have seen many hardworking, talented people who are great in what they do but due to certain circumstances they never get the recognition and place they deserve. These people are everywhere yet nowhere.

I make bridges,
But never walk on them.

I can pass the ball,
But can never score the goal.

I can Dance very well,
But in the background...not anywhere else.

I am in the winning team’s yacht,
But can never be Man of the match.

I face many intermediate bashings and insults,
But never get access to final results.

I can get few fans, articles on net,
But never have separate fan websites or wiki page.

I can handle all the wreckage
But can never get the justified footage.

I can (on Domestic Circuit) put many world champions in trouble,
But can never reach at the International level.

I can be the 'Next Best Substitute',
But can never be the 'real dude'.

I can be an event manager,
But can never be a Showstopper.

I can make it to the stage,
But can never get limelight all my age.

In short my composite work is often much more than a 'Hero',
But I am always treated just like a 'Zero'.


Simple, Because I am a Side Hero!

And also, I can be the second Person to walk on Mars,
But................ :)

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