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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camouflaged Criminals (Adult)

For Adult readers above 18 years only.

Dan, a 10 year old boy from the city of Dhali, Myanmar.

Father (Mr. Rab) is a Businessman.

Mother died few months ago.

Mr. Rab is a caring father.

He is going abroad on a Business trip for 2 weeks.

Shin (19), Dan’s cousin sister is pursuing her studies in Dhali.

Shin moved (temporarily) to Mr. Rab’s house for taking care of Dan.

Shin is a lesbian.

She calls her partners to have "party" daily.

Dan was kept out of this daily late night fun.

Mr. Rab was coming back tomorrow.

So, out of curiosity and for extra fun, some younger partners of Shin wanted to experiment on Dan.

Dan was the new object in the wild party.

This was new and exciting for Dan in the beginning.

He was getting the entire spotlight.

They undressed him.

No erection.

They sucked it, danced nude in front of him, plus a porn flick.

A semi erection this time.

Four of them including Shin discovered their 'Bisexual' instincts.

They grabbed the opportunity.

He was not a virgin anymore.

He felt good when he ejaculated for the first time.

The girls Gang-Banged him.

Second ejaculation……Pain!

Third ejaculation....more pain!

Fourth ejaculation....big cut on the Penis and was bleeding.

They cheered, enjoyed, laughed....he cried, wept...much more pain!

But the experiment was not over!!

They wanted to take revenge from all the dogs who harass, tease, taunt, them on their sexual orientation.

Remember, "All men are dogs."

Dan was symbol of these evil dogs.

They always fantasized about ejaculating on a man’s face...and a boy was equally good substitute.

Few orgasms on his face.

Then someone reminded them that "Strap-on" they bought recently is unused.

The debut sexual act of that strap-on was "Pegging."

All the girls banged/pegged Dan.

Dan was about to faint and the host Shin was demanding her turn.

Suddenly, Mr. Rob entered the house.

Thanks to his Master Key.

He already 'heard' Dan’s pain.

Then he silently moved in the house.

Then he 'saw' Dan’s pain.

He shooed them away.

Dan saw him and fainted.

Mr. Rob called the Police.

Girls accused him of molesting and raping them and making them do these "group sex" activities.

Myanmar Police is not that advanced.

They arrested Mr. Rob.

Mr. Rob was hopeful that Dan will tell everything to the Police.

Dan regained his senses but was senseless.

He was now mentally disturbed.

They admitted him in Regional Mental Hospital.

Same month, Shin graduated and took "Women’s Studies" as a subject for her higher studies and reserach.

The End.

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