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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Counter Feminist

When a male reacts it's his ego,
When a female reacts.....her emotions.

When male do anything it's his responsibility,
When female do anything it's her achievement.

When a female is bad it's her upbringing,
When a male is bad it's his instincts.

When a female toils it's her exploitation,
When a male toils there's no scope for exclamation.

When someone curses directly men 'they' make that work a bestseller,
When someone curses anything related to women 'they' sue the writer.
When a female suffers she is always victim,
When a male suffers he is weak and dim.

Saying generalized things like "All men are dogs." they never bother for facts and figures, But they ask for proofs for antiquotes like "All women are gold diggers."

Ladies First when it comes to quotas, reservation and subsidies,
Men, men and only men for almost all responsibilities.

A Man's big achievements only fill office entries,
A Woman's simple work is enough for several T.V. Documentaries.

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