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Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Police, Please Save the Earth!"

5 year old Alia and her parents Josh and Maria are watching a sci-fi movie. Movie’s climax shows the Dooms Day....destruction of earth...and this topic ignited. Alia was asking question at the speed of 1 per 5 seconds.

"It’s very simple."

"Is it, Daddy?"

"Yes, every time you switch off lights, fans, A.C. or other electrical appliances...or when your Mom shuts down her PC....or when we turn off the tap if we don’t need water, we save earth from destruction."

"How can we measure that?"

" postpone the doomsday by 1 second for every switch off, turn off...when you don’t need those things any more."

"Wow, that’s cool." Alia instantly switched off the lights of the room.

"Oh! Alia, it's almost midnight. I said when you don't need those things."

After few days Alia called 911 complaining....

"My neighbors are conspiring to destruct the earth and with the level of their plans the earth’s least Alaska's end is near."

Though, she was unable to explain the details. So, the Police Party reached Alia’s house and questioned her parents, neighbors.

"Oh..Okay.....we were planning for a Grand Christmas Party."

The End!

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