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Monday, August 2, 2010

AIDS Sufferer Vampire

Place : A Private Hospital, India.

"Doctor, Haaaaaaaaaa!"

Doctor engrossed in a report "Sore throat, Cough and Cold...second floor, room number 19."

But this was a special case.


At last, Doctor looking at the visitor "Jeeeeeez..Yuck...wak ...what a Buggy..go to the next building?"

"What for?"

Doctor - "That building is Theater and Movie Studio and you were going there...but in confusion and hurry bumped in here."


Doctor - "Okay, so you are nervous before your performance or screen test. You wanna rehearse and are practicing here...O Come on, 'Pee-Pee Man' this is a Hospital."

"I am Desi Vampire...somebody 're-killed' me few decades ago and buried my body near the some freaky stuff (ya..even for me) along with bumper-decomposed gases leaked at my place from that gutter....and I guess that's enough for me to rise again and rule the world."

Doctor - "I am a Doctor....not a kid...and you are a normal person trying to imitate some cheap TV program's weak Vampire...."

Desi Vampire - "Okay, your peon..kiddo."

Doctor - "Shambhoo....."

Shambhu - "Haaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Doctor - "Oh! Shambhoo looks like an sucked elastic Bamboo...Okay you are a Vampire....I mean wow you are so great....the ultimate Yo Man...I love you. what? Are you going to suck my...."

Desi Vampire - "Haaaaaa!"

Doctor - "..I mean drink my Blood, easy my Lord....but why are you telling me all this...Is this your Modus Operandi...he he...What the fuc....awesome!"

Desi Vampire - "I was on my way to 'suck' people and soon I came to this Hospital...I bit a patient (who laughed instantly when I went there) and drank few liters of blood but after that I feel hairline receded, my vision needs a Bifocal with a Telescope and a Microscope...since then I am tolerating a voice "peeeeeeeeeeeeee" in my ears....even I went to Toilet couple of times but still this "Peeeee" is on....what's worst is that one of my 'showpeice' fangs broked right outside your office when I was 'busy' with your peon Shambhoo. That's why I told you all this...Please help me."

Doctor - "You are feeling weak and sick."

Desi Vampire - "Yes, like somebody sucked me. No energy left.."

Doctor - "That first victim of yours in this Hospital was in which ward...."

Desi Vampire - "Ground Floor..Right section, I don't remember the name of that ward."

Doctor - Oh My God! That's the ward for AIDS patients.

Desi Vampire - And what's that?

Doctor - AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. It's a new disease invented...I mean discovered in later half of 20th Century...I guess you were buried for more than 5-6 decades...I am sorry you sucked an AIDS now you are H.I.V. Positive....your immune system is getting weaker with every passing second because you consumed quite a lot from that patient. It's too late now.

Desi Vampire -Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Doctor - Don't worry you can still become an integrated part of this society....Our Hospital provides free medical and counseling facilities to AIDS patients.

The End!

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