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Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Komodo Dragon Walk is sexier than Cat Walk!"

Place : Yangon (Rangoon), Burma.

Occasion : A regional Beauty Pageant.

Final Round.

Judge – What is more sensual....sexier than a Cat Walk?

Contestant (A Biotechnology Undergraduate Student)– Sir, Definitely a "Komodo Dragon Walk" moving his/her/it’s bottom 75 Degrees both sides. That’s 45 Degrees more than a standard Cat Walk. Salamanders are also very close..losing the 'bottom twist battle' just by few degrees.

Judge - Good, you are selected.....

Contestant - Wow! I knew how to impress know as they always say beauty with brains.

Judge - .....for the United Nations Zoological Data Collection, Analysis and Research Program.....and the regional branch of United Nations is 4.7 kilometers that's 4700 meters from here. Best of Luck and Bye!

The End!

Author notes -

The sexy-est walk on this planet for me.

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  1. Indeed!!!!!! dis thing moves its base too much......sideways :D

  2. this komodo reptile is sexy bt they sud change their eating habits :p