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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Social Modeling

A young couple from a European Country Tom and Trisha were on a World Tour. After few weeks of mixed adventure in African Countries they reached India.....their first stop in Asia. They were roaming on the bumpy roads to get the real feel of India.

Tom - "Darling, look at that...."

Trisha - "Who? Mahatma Gandhi?"

Tom - "Why do you have only four guesses for every new thing and surprise in India? There are billion of people and things In India apart from Taj Mahal, Kama Sutra, Handicrafts and Of Course Mahatma Gandhi."

Tom - "Look at that poor soul on the side of the pavement."

Trisha -"Oh, wounded, poor man, using a copy of 'Public Times' to hide his privates."

Tom - "We must help him."

The couple rushed towards that 'Poor Soul'.

Trisha - "Tom, give him your shirts and trousers."

Tom - "We should call the Doctor first and offer him some packed food. He is shivering...BIG TIME..'Hey man, we are right here for you. You need something? Feel free to ask anything.'"

The Poor Soul stares at Trisha and Tom alters his promise in his earlier sentence.

Tom - "....I mean not anything."

Annoyed Poor Soul shouted.

"What's your problem man?"

Tom - "You are were shivering...we want to help you."

"O, Come on! Not again...for Devil's sake.....this...that's why I was 'shivering'."

Poor Soul setting his long hairs back showed the couple his latest I-Pod and ear plugs.

Trisha - "An have...."

"Ya, I have an the way, do me a favor..."

Trisha - "What?"

"Please download the latest anti-virus on my Lap Top and Leap Top. These Fuckers..I meant Hackers are making my life hell."

Tom - "We thought that India is a developing poor country and you surely looked like a Beggar."

"Well, mates, this is my profession."

Trisha - "Begging?"

"O, am a Social Model."

Tom - "...and What's that? Never heard about Social Modeling before."

"Actually, I regularly travel in various states, cities and villages of India and work temporarily for Non Governmental Organizations (N.G.O.s) working for many social causes. According to the needs of my clients I pose in different make-ups, get-ups receiving money, gifts, help, aid, etc, from the members of N.G.O.s....they use my photos to gather money and grants from Public, Government, Corporates and he he...Foreign Countries. I was waiting for my client....and you people just...."

After few minutes Doctor (called by Tom) arrived at the scene and was attending Tom and Trisha....both fainted in shock.

The End!

India is estimated to have around 1-2 million NGOs....huh!

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