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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When I 'Met' Miss Universe!!

True! When I was 5-6 years old I 'met' the then (1994) Miss Universe Sushmita Sen.

She was on a visit to Taj Mahal, Agra. My father was in her regional security team and he took us (Mom, Brother, Sister and me) to Taj that we can see the Miss Universe. My teenage Brother and Sister were very excited. I was annoyed that why are they going crazy. They somehow explained me that Miss Universe is a very big personality, now I know. :) Our camera was not we purchased an Autograph Booklet....we went to Taj and soon she arrived with security guards, Police and some 'fashion' people around her. She was not visible in first few minutes but later she roamed in the gardens looking at Taj and we were looking at mother said that "She is good but few of our young female relatives were far 'better' than her. "

My Bro and Sis froze. Mommy gave them the Autograph Book but they were afraid of the security around her. Papa was outside the gate. Weather was hot and humid and after few minutes she almost fainted. The fashion people took her to a room near the gate....earlier they use to sell postcards, etc stuff on the entrance gate (I mean the final entrance from where one can see the Taj). I followed them with my Autograph book but was too timid to enter the I stood there with a puzzled face. Hoping that someone notice my transparent and innocent super timid sis and bro were signaling and hooting. Then an old foreigner lady....who was in the small crowd of 15-20 people (watching Sush) came to me....probably she saw my silent struggle...I guess she asked "You want her Autograph?" I was zero in English then but I heard the word 'Autograph' in her sentence and said "Yes"....she went upstairs in that room (nobody stopped her cause she was a harmless old foreigner, good old 1990s days security was 'actually' needed for very few people in India) and after some time the lady came back. She gave me the autograph book, 4 pages filled with "Love Sushmita".....she kissed my forehead and vanished into the crowd. I was happy because I got autographs and everybody was looking at me.

Thanks to Sushmita and Thanks and Love to that kind lady!

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